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 What parents and students have to say about Bernie's Driving School

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Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Bernie McGuinty

Bernie’s Driving School

165 Dundas West, # 606

Mississauga, ON L5B 2N6

Dear Bernie,

In March of 2002 I sent a letter to you saying:

"I want to take this opportunity to express our pleasure in your work as a Driving Instructor both in-class and on the road.

We learned of your Driving School through my Brother and now having sent three of our four children to you, I can report that we have had nothing but a great experience and satisfaction in the work you do and the skills the kids acquire. We will have no hesitation sending our youngest to your school when the time comes."

Well our youngest is now 17 and she went to your school, got her license on the first try and is a very confident and careful driver. As I said before: "We would recommend your services to anyone".

Thanks again and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!

Paul Lawrence's Signature

Paul Lawrence,

PML Process Technology
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All of Pocock's best drivers went to Bernie's Driving School! If you want to learn to be a safe, responsible driver and learn in a fun, entertaining, comfortable environment Bernie's is for you. Bernie makes learning the rules of the road fun with his entertaining and informative in class sessions. In the car Bernie's patient, experienced, awesome team of instructors teach you how to drive in a comfortable and safe manner. If you want to be a good driver then go to Bernie's!

Joe Filippelli
Student Council President
Phillip Pocock C.S.S.

When my daughter expressed an interest in learning to drive, I began looking for a reputable driving school. Her high school offered a course through a large company that specializes in training students. When I looked at their program, I found their prices very high and their success rate disappointing. Also, they would not guarantee the same instructor throughout the course, something which to me is important. On talking with recent graduates of the program, they expressed frustration that the training was inadequate to pass the test on first attempt.

Through the advice of a friend, I heard about Bernie's Driving School. Her wholehearted recommendation convinced me to call him to learn more about his program. I liked Bernie from the moment I first met him. I knew right away that his easy going manner would provide my daughter with the right atmosphere in which to learn, so I signed her up.

Throughout the course, Bernie was both prompt and helpful. My daughter really enjoyed the lessons and learned quickly, thanks to Bernie's effective style. Right on schedule, she was ready to take the test and passed with no difficulty. When the next licensing phase came a year later, a quick refresher with Bernie was all that was needed and again she passed first time.

I now find myself recommending Bernie's Driving School to anyone who has kids nearing driving age. He is a very good teacher and he runs a top notch school. His prices are reasonable and his success rate with the students is outstanding. Simply stated, you couldn't ask for a better driving school for your children to attend.

B.D. Mississauga.

I have three daughters that have all taken their driving lessons through Bernie's Driving School; one is still currently enrolled in a program. The older two have passed their road tests on their first try. Bernie McGuinty provided comprehensive and well organized lessons in class as well as on the road. What was most important is that he made it fun; my daughters thoroughly enjoyed meeting with him and many times shared their experiences (and sometimes funny stories) with the rest of the family. Bernie made learning fun and seemed to have many examples for what was being taught. We also found Bernie's Driving School to be reasonable in cost, as we "shopped" around. I would highly recommend Bernie's Driving School to other young driving students that are sure to learn and have fun.

Mary Capan
(Daughters attending Bernie's School: Melissa, Jasmine and Jennifer)

Katie completed Bernie's course first. We were so impressed not just with her technical driving skills but with her responsible approach to driving the car. Somehow Bernie has found the secret to communicating and effecting a responsible driving mindset in his students. When John completed the course with exactly the same result...we were convinced. Bernie is an excellent driving instructor. Barry and I would highly recommend him and his program to other parents wanting to ensure their children not only learn how to drive but how to be a responsible driver.

Barry and Sandra Matheson
Katie and John Matheson

"Bernie makes learning fun and interesting by sharing his many experiences and engaging us in activities. On the road, he knows the tricks of the trade so when you drive into the test centre, you'll be fully prepared. You can't argue with the excellent success rate of Bernie's Driving School."

Andrew Afan

Bernie's Driving School was a very enjoyable experience. Bernie makes his lessons interesting and easy to learn. He is very knowledgable in all the areas of safe driving. I do and will recommend him to everyone who is learning to drive.

Damian Anisko

"Bernie's Driving School provides safe & effective driver training in a friendly and easy-going atmosphere. Not only are the classes well-taught, but they are supplemented by helpful videos and written tests, all at an affordable price. I highly recommend Bernie's Driving School to the young drivers of the future."

Anthony Spadaro
St. Francis Xavier SS

My brother and I took Bernie's Driving School and found Bernie to be a fantastic teacher, who cares about the success of his students. Bernie teaches valuable defensive driving skills, which ultimately helps in becoming a better driver. He is a loyal and patient teacher. I recommend attending Bernie's Driving School to learn excellent driving skills.

Farah Virani

Bernie is the guy to learn from when it comes to driving. He's got a ton of real-life experience built into his fun and effective teaching style! When I completed my G-2 test in Brampton, the examiner told me that he "never has trouble with Bernie's students". How many driving schools can live up to that? Just Bernie's, my friend!

Nathan Wong

Rheanna Radchenko Bernie's school has really taught me how to become a responsible driver. In his class, he goes through all of the necessary information at a good pace while creating a fun environment to learn in. He has special incentives to help encourage EVERYONE to participate. I highly enjoyed his approach to teaching. He is very interactive and very enthusiastic. I highly recommend anyone and everyone who would like to be a safe driver on the road. You can't beat Bernie's school of driving!

Rheanna Radchenko

My name is Wilson Yu, a current student at the Woodlands Senior High School and a recent student at Bernie's Driving School. Bernie is a truly experienced driver and instructor. He knows all the strategies for those supposedly difficult maneuvers such as the 3-point turn and the backwards and parallel park. In class his lessons are knowledgeable and he makes it fun by involving the students in skits and such. In short, Bernie's a guy who knows what he's talking about, knows how to get us to understand what he's talking about, and knows how to get us putting that stuff to a practical application behind the wheel.

 Wilson Yu

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