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About our instructors


Bernie's has carefully recruited some of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors available.

Your in-car instructor is one of the most important aspects of driver training. The more on-road experience the instructor has, the more situations he or she has encountered and has learned to handle them the appropriate way.

At Bernie's our instructors have plenty of experience. All our instructors have a minimum of 10 years!

10 years translates into some 40,000 parallel parks, 40,000 three point turns and literally millions of intersections safely crossed.

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Tips for Parents

If planning to take your son or daughter driving before they start in-car training:

  • Avoid main roads first time behind the wheel

  • Practice basic skills (braking (with heel on the floor), accelerating, turning)

  • Make sure they are looking well ahead

  • Remind them to check their rear view mirror when braking

  • Make sure they scan the intersection when starting up on a green light and on approach

  • Maintain adequate space around your vehicle

  • And above all, Practice, Practice, Practice with your son or daughter. This will help give them the experience and confidence they need, when they go solo, and you peace of mind.

  • Also try to be patient; it's a better learning environment.


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