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How we got started. Bernie

After working for the School Board and other independent driving schools for eleven years, my wife suggested I start my own school. After coming home one night from a day of teaching in-car, my wife informed me that she had enrolled me at Sheridan College to become an in-class instructor (Without my Knowledge!!). Looking back it was the best thing she could have done for us. Upon completion of the course I was now a qualified in-car and in-class instructor ready to start my own school.

After contacting some two thousand past students, my classes started filling up to capacity within six months. After ten years we are a highly respected and successful school providing quality instruction throughout Mississauga.

 What's up with the name?

After tossing around several names, my wife said: "Why not Bernie's? Everybody knows you by Bernie." So that's how the name came to be.

After all a School should not be judged by its name but by the quality of instruction it provides and its loyalty to students.


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